Monday, February 23, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire - Q & A !!!

What was "Slumdog Millionaire"?

-> Slumdog millionaire was a top-rated film with brillient direction, great story and outstanding music, which depicts the life of a slumdog of India who becomes a lucky millionaire because of the rugged experiences he had as a slumdog.

-> Slumdog millionaire was also a highly criticized movie because it focuses on the gloomy slum life people live in India.(Which is a true description by the way, but how dare the world pointed at our flaws... huh?)

well now over to

What is "Slumdog Millionaire"?

-> It is the India's answer to the world about what we have been doing for such a long period of time for which Indian cinematic history exists, and the world's cinema was ignoring our hard work and creativity.

-> It is a answer to all those who says that it depicts India as slumdog. With due respect sir, the irony is, this is the movie which made us RICHEST of all. It earned us 8 Oscars sir, a count greater than any other country/film is having right now.

Seems like when you were focusing on the "Slum dog" part... a "Millionaire" was being brought up somewhere else.

Jai Ho!!

A dedication to Sh. Dillip Kumar a.k.a Allah Rakha Rehman.

-A Voice

Friday, February 13, 2009


Now about people who do not.. err... it's actually a misconception that people in India do not vote! WHAT AM I SAYING???'s THE TRUTH sir!! Everyone in India who got a voter id...votes! then it doesn't at all matters that you were busy watching repeat telecast of a daily soap on the election day... or were dead for that matter. a vote is casted on every voter id... n which party gets the vote, ah.. not that difficult to decipher.. it depends upon the party who bought the vote.n people says we are not smart businessmen like americans?? hello??

This is how reverently we follow our democracy... we are free right? We got the right to sell our vote and we do it!!

i wrote this lengthy and cumbersome description about DEMOCRACY not because i am pissed with it(i am pissed with it, yes but thats not the reason y i wrote about it) It's because i can see the dawn of change at the horizon now. People are getting aware about it. You actually read it till here even after reading the title properly! it means something. it means people want change and taking charge for it. Democracy is by the people as well... we are now ready to jibe with this clause of democracy as well!!

Now when even a Tea company can come forward to call for vote... it do mean something..!! This post is a dedication to Tata Tea Corp. for their JAAGO RE campaign. A huge applause for ""


Friday, January 23, 2009

Being Democrat!

We(India) claim to be a democratic country since 1950. More than half a century we have lived with the rights of democracy being given to us. But are we a democratic country yet? i hear someone exclaiming "oh what an illogical question that is? we do vote don't we?" with all due respect to you sir my answer to you is "oh really?".

What is meant by democracy?
Even a third grader will start with the chant "Democracy is the government OF the PEOPLE, FOR the PEOPLE, BY the PEOPLE" and believe me he'll get a perfect grade for this one liner. We being the adults lets go a bit deeper in the meaning.

know what sir generally there are two kinds of voters:-
1. Who Vote.
2. Who do not vote.

but we are living is exotic India, nothing is that simple about it! We got these voters even sub-categorized.

1 a. Who actually vote.
These are the enlightened voters, like i am sure you are sir, who knows for which party and manifesto they are voting. They follow every detail reverently. Not that every aspect is clear to them but they still at least make an effort.

i may have many disagreements on my last statement as well. I agree that our elective system is completely transparent. But not much is in direct access to the public. this is the reason why there are so many provisions provided for us but we could never make use of it. We are just not aware. like how many of us knew that if u are an unemployed matriculate in the state of haryana then you are eligible of help of Rs.500 by the government of haryana. i know the amount is insignificant but sir it is not that insignificant if you are unemployed.

1 b. Who vote for fun.
i hope you haven't forgot other types of voters. Yes people do vote for fun. here we got a bunch of Gen Z, curious, gadget freak and hip people who vote in the same manner they give their semester exams.Their reasons to vote-->
-->they wanted to see how voting machine works!
-->To vote is cool!
-->My friend voted!
-->i got nothing to do!
-->One should try everything in life!

why did they voted to a particular party..
-eh.. how does that matter!!

Yeah.. these are actual COOL statements!

to be continue...