Friday, February 13, 2009


Now about people who do not.. err... it's actually a misconception that people in India do not vote! WHAT AM I SAYING???'s THE TRUTH sir!! Everyone in India who got a voter id...votes! then it doesn't at all matters that you were busy watching repeat telecast of a daily soap on the election day... or were dead for that matter. a vote is casted on every voter id... n which party gets the vote, ah.. not that difficult to decipher.. it depends upon the party who bought the vote.n people says we are not smart businessmen like americans?? hello??

This is how reverently we follow our democracy... we are free right? We got the right to sell our vote and we do it!!

i wrote this lengthy and cumbersome description about DEMOCRACY not because i am pissed with it(i am pissed with it, yes but thats not the reason y i wrote about it) It's because i can see the dawn of change at the horizon now. People are getting aware about it. You actually read it till here even after reading the title properly! it means something. it means people want change and taking charge for it. Democracy is by the people as well... we are now ready to jibe with this clause of democracy as well!!

Now when even a Tea company can come forward to call for vote... it do mean something..!! This post is a dedication to Tata Tea Corp. for their JAAGO RE campaign. A huge applause for ""


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