Monday, February 23, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire - Q & A !!!

What was "Slumdog Millionaire"?

-> Slumdog millionaire was a top-rated film with brillient direction, great story and outstanding music, which depicts the life of a slumdog of India who becomes a lucky millionaire because of the rugged experiences he had as a slumdog.

-> Slumdog millionaire was also a highly criticized movie because it focuses on the gloomy slum life people live in India.(Which is a true description by the way, but how dare the world pointed at our flaws... huh?)

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What is "Slumdog Millionaire"?

-> It is the India's answer to the world about what we have been doing for such a long period of time for which Indian cinematic history exists, and the world's cinema was ignoring our hard work and creativity.

-> It is a answer to all those who says that it depicts India as slumdog. With due respect sir, the irony is, this is the movie which made us RICHEST of all. It earned us 8 Oscars sir, a count greater than any other country/film is having right now.

Seems like when you were focusing on the "Slum dog" part... a "Millionaire" was being brought up somewhere else.

Jai Ho!!

A dedication to Sh. Dillip Kumar a.k.a Allah Rakha Rehman.

-A Voice


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  2. We indians are so proud of whtever that includes us
    If this movie had been prodeuced in wud have disappeared in the same way mumbai calling nd traffic signal got lost

  3. i am sorry sir, but the films like traffic signal are not among the league of Slumdog, if you talk about A wednesday or Khuda Ke Liye... then i can share some of your sentiments but sir, even these films got their credit for their cinematic... even if not commercially...!

    We have came a far way from the times when such film weren't even bothered about... By the way sir what would you say about the success of films like Taare Zameen Pe btw??

    The success of such films indicates the awakening... n yes we are proud of it... we are concerned about/part of everything with is remotely Indian then it can be an Indian story or or jus a mere reference to us.